About Us

RS Management Group provides business consulting and ownership transition services to privately-held and family businesses in the annual revenue range from $2 million to $50 million.  Our mission is to help business owners implement growth and transition strategies to improve the worth and value of your company and to position the business for a transition of ownership in the future.

We accomplish this with a comprehensive approach that brings a muti-disciplinary team of advisors together with one basic philosophy – to provide objective advice and counsel to you by focusing on what is in your best interest.  This allows us to align your personal, financial and business goals while improving cash flow and increasing the value of your business via pre-sale value-added improvements.  As a result, our clients are not only wealthier, but happier post transition.

Contact RS Management Group and we’ll show you how to successfully transition ownership of your business. Contact us today to schedule a confidential, free consultation. You’ll be glad you did!