How We’re Different

Clients choose us, because we develop a comprehensive exit plan that includes an advisory team of experts that are available to work together in the best interest of the client.  Clients trust us to get them the best deal possible given their situation. The “best” deal may not be the highest price. The structure of a deal may be more important than the selling price. For example, more money up front resulting in less risk for you may be a better deal than a higher price with less money up front. Additionally, who you sell to may be more important than the sale price. “Given your situation” means that best value is going to be dependent on your family, personal, and business goals, the state of the market, the state of your industry, the cash flow being generated by the business, how fast you want to sell, who you want to sell to, and many more factors. We assess all of these matters up front so we can make the best recommendation to you.

Implementing value drivers will definitely increase the value of your business. Value can be increased substantially; but only if you are willing to pay the price.  The “price” is not just fees to assess and implement the program, but may involve other investments in the business such as capital, people, and processes. It may mean borrowing to fund some of these investments. And it always requires your time, your mind, and your attention to continue to run the business knowing we have your back with implementing your exit strategy.

Implementing a growth and exit strategy is hard work and requires time.  Be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and experience to do this on your own? We will help you determine the options and align your personal and business goals and clearly present your alternatives. We will make the experience of exiting your business a better experience for you because we understand your situation. We still own and manage several of our own businesses. Before starting RS Management Group we worked in businesses and for business owners. In other words, we have not just consulted our whole lives; we have been in the trenches just like you.

And finally, we will be honest and straight forward with you. We are trustworthy. Owners appreciate that we give good, honest advice, even if it’s not exactly what they want to hear. We will protect your information as if it were our own. We will screen buyers very diligently even if it means losing a buyer. And we will treat you and those who work in your company with respect.

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