When Should You Start?

Start Planning Two Years or More in Advance

If you are a business owner and are planning to sell your business or some other kind of liquidity event, due to the following reasons, then you should start preparing at least two years in advance.



  • retirement
  • market opportunity
  • relocation
  • poor performance
  • or other personal reasons such as family, health or burn-out;

Why?  To Increase the Value of Your Business to Attract More Qualified Buyers

By working to prepare a business for sale in advance, this allows time to improve the performance of your business.  A growing business, producing incremental discretionary cash flow, significantly increases its value, and provides benefits to the owner during the process.

When it becomes time to sell, the increased value of your business will attract more qualified buyers and investors. Advanced planning provides the opportunity for you to consult with your family and trusted advisors to make sure the personal, tax, and legal aspects of this lifetime event are fully considered. Plus, you are afforded time to find and train an appropriate successor, whether that successor is from the inside or outside, and to plan how you want to invest the proceeds of the sale.

Why You Need So Much Time?

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