Why You Need Our Expertise

It’s Complicated

  • Do you know your exact retirement goals and what it will take — in cash — to reach them?
  • Do you know how much your business is worth today, in cash?
  • Do you know the best way to maximize the income stream generated by your ownership interest?
  • Do you know how to sell your business to a third party and pay the least possible taxes?
  • Do you know how to transfer your business to family members, co-owners, or employees while paying the least possible taxes and enjoying maximum financial security?

We’ve Done It Before

Today’s business world is more complex and moving at an accelerated speed made possible by computers, the internet, various business models, with more government regulation and more complicated tax laws than ever before.

RS Management recognizes that in this more sophisticated and complicated business environment, we need to bring additional resources to assist you.  We bring together a multi-disciplinary team of advisers to address the complex issues of estate planning, federal and state taxes, personal financial and retirement planning, legal issues regarding shareholder agreements, contracts and definitive purchase agreements relating to the sale or transfer of assets.

Our hand-picked team of advisers are available to work with you with one basic philosophy – to provide objective advice and counsel by focusing on what is in your best interest.  This approach allows us to align personal, financial and business goals while improving cash flow and improving the value of the business via pre-sale value added improvements.  As a result, you benefit from a successful exit with a greater amount of after tax proceeds from the sale.

Ready to Get Started?

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