Our Comprehensive Expertise

Complexity Requires Diverse Approach

Today’s business world is more complex than ever before, and change is happening at an accelerated speed thanks to computers, the internet, and various new business models.  Add to that, more government regulation and more complicated tax laws, and you can see why it requires quite an effort for any one individual to stay on top of it all.

RS Management Group addresses this complicated business environment by assembling a multi-disciplinary team of advisors that are available to work with you or with your current advisors based upon your needs.  Our clients value this solution because it addresses the complex  issues they are facing, such as:

  • estate planning
  • federal and state taxes
  • personal financial and retirement planning
  • legal issues regarding shareholder agreements, contracts and definitive purchase agreements relating to the sale or transfer of assets.

This team of advisors works together with one basic phiolosophy – to provide objective advice and counsel by focusing on what is in your best interest.  This approach allows us to align your personal, financial and business goals while improving cash flow and increasing the value of your business via pre-sale value added improvements.  As a result, clients benefit from a successful exit with a greater amount of after-tax proceeds from the sale.

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