Exit Planning

Owners face a number of barriers to a successful exit from their businesses

  • Most owners don’t know that there is a proven Exit Planning Process.
  • Most business advisors are unaware of all that can be done to assist them as they begin to plan for their business exits
  • Without a plan, exiting your business can appear daunting and, as a result, owners wait until it is too late to undertake it.

Deciding how and when to exit a privately owned business is perhaps the single most important financial and personal decision in a business owner’s life. Despite this fact, most owners are not prepared for this once in a lifetime event. Most owners spend more time planning their next vacation than planning for their exit or developing a succession plan.

For most owners, 90% of their wealth is tied up in their business. Unfortunately, most owners will never harvest this wealth. The US Small Business Administration estimates than only 20% of the privately held businesses available for sale each year are successfully sold. More startling, 12 months after selling, three out of four business owners are disappointed with the outcome of their exit. The purpose of an exit plan is to help owners exit their business on their timeline, on their terms, at the best selling price.

Our exit planning process is a comprehensive, integrated approach that asks and addresses all of the personal, business, legal, financial, tax and estate issues that are involved in exiting from a privately owned business. This plan shows you how to begin positioning yourself and your business so that you accomplish all of your personal, financial and business goals when you exit.

Exit planning delivers tangible results for savvy business owners. It is not uncommon for companies that have invested the time and effort to prepare for sale to sell for a significant premium over companies that come to market unprepared. In addition, with good planning business owners are often able to reduce or in some cases eliminate the capital gains taxes due at the time of sale.

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