Staff / Leadership Development

RS Management believes that a significant value driver that most buyers evaluate in determining the value of a business is to evaluate the effectiveness of the management team and the core group of employees/associates.  We provide guidance in assessing performance of the management team and critical staff through our expert Human Resources Consulting services.  The ability to hire, manage and promote employees so that their strengths are matched with the company’s requirements is paramount in maximizing the effectiveness of the organization.

Your people resources are a critical component of the value of your business:

  • Assess the current capabilities/potential of your leadership team
  • Compare current organization leadership capabilities/potential to the competencies needed to execute your business strategy
  • If necessary, reassign leaders to capitalize on strengths and to address development needs
  • Identify talent “holes” which would best be addressed by recruiting outside talent
  • Develop key team member’s development plans and,
  • Plan for a smoother succession process.

See why talent assessment and selection is so vital to your business.

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