Value Improvements

Value improvements is the process of maximizing the fundamental value of the business. To accomplish this, you need to identify the potential profit drivers that will increase value, implement a system to ensure these opportunities are executed, and periodically revisit these value drivers to determine if goals are being met or need to be changed.

RS Management Group completes a thorough assessment of the business to identify opportunities to improve value and present them to you. These “improvement” opportunities are then aligned with your personal and financial goals established in the exit plan. The profit drivers are viewed from a prospective buyer’s perspective and are designed to reduce their perceived risk and increase their return on investment. Some value drivers are specifically targeted to increase cash flow – a primary driver of business value. Others are targeted to increase intangible value like assessing and developing the management team to ensure the right skill sets and team initiatives. (See Staff/Leadership Development).  Buyers are willing to pay a premium for businesses with more intangible value. This is why two businesses with the same cash flow can sell at two very different prices.

RS Management Group provides you support and coaching during the implementation process. You choose our level of involvement. We usually play the role of coach to your team of advisors. In some cases we have assumed interim positions within the business to ensure profit improvements get implemented.

The benefits of this program are extraordinary. We can improve cash flow into the business which benefits you while you still own the business. And, with the increased cash flow and intangible value, we have significantly improved the business value for many of our clients.

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