Talent Assessments & Selection

RS Management Group helps you create a high-performing workforce that significantly improves the performance and increases the value of your business.  We do this through our comprehensive suite of employee assessments and performance management solutions.  You will get assessments and HR Consulting support to improve your recruiting, training and development, executive coaching, and management of human resources.

How well do you know your people?

Only about 10% of a person’s behavior can be described by what others observe through day-to-day interactions.  The assessments are based on proven scientific and psychological principles, and will give you in-depth, objective, reliable, and actionable information about your people.  You will gain a competitive advantage by developing a high-performing workforce by understanding your people at the deepest levels.

This includes:

  • How they think
  • How they learn
  • Natural tendencies, behaviors and preferences
  • Propensity toward theft, absenteeism, workplace injuries and drug use
  • How they interact with peers and managers
  • Attitudes toward key work place issues and important performance-related issues

Armed with this information, you can select the best people for a job, identify training and development needs, improve communication between employees and their managers, improve team performance and organizational climate, and build consistent culture and values.  See why assessing talent is so important.

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